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The New English

To be the Vivienne Westwood of the tableware world is one of Paul Bishop’s many ambitions for his budding dinnerware company, The New English. To reinvent tabletop ceramics with a radically different, exceedingly more contemporary look, is another. And he does mean radical: skeletons, bugs, striking tattoo imagery, and anatomic drawings in bold colors with delicate beauty grace his collection where dated flowers and simple patterns normally lie.

So why the revolutionary, stylistic approach to bone china design? For Bishop and the uber talented Masters of Arts ceramic design students he works with, the innovative, pop-culture-oriented series opens up the tableware market to a whole new audience, while showcasing the stellar creativity of emerging artists. And for The New English team, British design is as much Wuthering Heights as it is Damien Hirst. Like the latter, Bishop is certainly taking it to a whole new — and welcomed — level.
paul bishop