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Take Away

The smoky fragrance of lamb roasting on the spit; the waif of fresh corn tortillas sizzling; the spiced scent of falafels frying. The aromas of quintessential street foods slither through urban boulevards, seducing the senses, beckoning you over. These are the spaces where locals gather, where culinary traditions of a country are revealed, and where, through simple foods, cultures are uncovered. Capturing the authentic, raw poeticism of these stories is Take Away: a 500-page photographic anthology with global street food as the subject.

There are no food stylists here. No tweaked lighting. No glossed-over fake food props. Instead, you’ll only find brilliant, full-page photographs that provide a snapshot of the daily cravings of locals from Lebanon to Mali, from Thailand to Costa Rica. Stuffed in between these images of noodles, dumplings, and fish and chips, are 120 simple, complementary recipes. The result of ten years of travelling, this amazing work helps to shine a new light on the most basic eating pleasures collectively cherished across countries and continents.
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