Featured Image for SNAP! Magazine Issue 9

SNAP! Magazine Issue 9

We love free Montreal-based street magazine, SNAP!, which takes an insidery peek at the creative happenings in that lofty city. They’ve just released of Issue 9, in which contributors were invited to submit work based on one or a series of Three-Letter Words. The cover image is one of a series of photo-booth shots by Canadian photographer Robin Hart Hiltz, built around the word EAT. Inside, you have the vintage-y centerfold, featuring a scantily clad Mexican himbo holding a tequila bottle (MEX), an apocalyptic illustration by mixed media artist Alex Sebag (THE END), an eight page photo essay by American photographer Maxim Ryazansky (KID USA) and a four page review of the 2009 installment of one of Montreal’s biggest music festivals (POP MTL).