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Boy Without God’s Secret Playlist

Gabriel Birnbaum, aka Boy Without God, is a songwriter in the vein of Leonard Cohen, mingling straightforward melodic songs with the long-form composition style he picked up writing fifteen-minute free jazz epics during high school. Your Body is Your Soul, his first studio full length, was released this summer. We asked him about the music that will inspire his next recording, and he started with the Cuddle Magic song, Expectations [listen below]: ‘So well written and eternal sounding that when I first heard it, I thought it was a cover because I was positive I’d heard it before. It also has all the amazing little orchestral touches that make every Cuddle Magic song so great: that weird pizzicato part after the first chorus, the drum beat inverting over the second verse, the way the vocals pull back really hard on the time, the shaker entering for the whistling part’. [Read the rest of Boy Without God’s Secret Playlist]