Featured Image for Beautiful Earth Group solar powered vehicle stations

Beautiful Earth Group solar powered vehicle stations

Beautiful Earth Group, a New York-based sustainable energy company, has finally made solar powered electric vehicle stations bi-costal. Red Hook, Brooklyn, is home to the first of these powering stations, just a stone’s throw from Beautiful Earth’s offices in downtown Manhattan. The stations is completely modular and off-grid, and is comprised of shipping containers that have been recycled specifically for this purpose.

The station, located in an industrial lot, is powered solely by 235-watt photovoltaic panels. With the amount of commercial electric and plug-in hybrids that will be hitting the market next year, this station is one of only several that will be demanded in New York City. And the station, while it’s primary use is for vehicles, can power a small home and has a battery bank that can store electricity for 24/7 on-demand usage.