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Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia

Santa Cruz Department in East Bolivia is a perfect place to eat weird food. Carne de Monte (wild animal meat) like Tatu (armadillo), Taitetu (wild pig), Urina (deer) and Surubi (river catfish) are offered in local restaurants on the side of the highway to Cochabamba near Yapacani. One of the most disgusting foods is the Jalea de Pata, the liquid of a boiled cow hoof with sugar. Bolivian people seem to love it.

If you like cheese and are not afraid of the local markets, you can try the Cotoca Market, specially Sundays, when a lot of Virgen de Cotoca pilgrims visit this small village. You must try sonso, hot arepas, coñapé and majadito with a cup of thick hot coffee. Sweets? Jalea de Caña (like toffee), Paraguayos and suspiros (meringue).Cold drinks? Mocochinchi and Somo. [Photos by Jessica Parra Nowajewski]
Santa Cruz Department bolivia
Santa Cruz Department in bolivia