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El Perro Del Mar’s Secret Playlist

Sweden-based El Perro Del Mar, otherwise known as Sarah Assbring, recently released her third full-length album, Love Is Not Pop and supported Peter Bjorn and John on their North American tour. We asked her to tell us about her favourite songs by other artists and she started with the Joy Division song, New Dawn Fades [listen below]: ‘I fell into a dark Joy Division crack last Summer. Usually that’s a very good sign that I’m not feeling so good. Still, I think I managed to pick something good out of it for the first time. New Dawn Fades is one of those moments where Ian Curtis’ lyrics hurt so much, you don’t know where to turn. It’s like this slow build-up to heartbreak. The ending of this song, where he’s singing, ‘It was me waiting for me, hoping for something for more. Me seeing me this time, hoping for something else,’ breaks my heart anew every time I hear it’. [Read the rest of El Perro Del Mar’s Secret Playlist]