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Luchador Wines

There are several cool things about this Australian Shiraz, Luchador Wine. The first is obvious: the eye-catching label with its bright illustrative work, imagined by the creative design team, Morning Breath. The comic book-esc feel of the labels turn what could have been ordinary bottles into collectors items. The second great thing about this wine is its name and poster-boy: the Luchador. That’s right, those oh-so-famous Mexican wrestlers.

The wine makers have bragged that through the use of the iconic Luchador, this classic Shiraz has been boasting some recognized Latino appeal — something the wine world all too rarely does. Finally, with a Robert Parker rating of 90 and a market price of about $15, it’s a reliably tasty wine that is nicely affordable. And whether or not it “will body-slam your tongue,” as it says on the bottle, the label alone should inspire you enough to pick up a bottle, or two, or four…