9, the animated movie from Tim Burton

Tim Burton was an Executive Producer on this. It’s a bit of a worry when the biggest name attached to a film is one of the people who put up some money to get it made. Wes Craven’s name has been bastardised in a similar way, and last week I saw Hellride, which had Quentin Tarantino as an Executive Producer. It rocketed into my top five worst films ever. Anyway, back to 9 and the dark colours and detail of the animation does closely resemble a Tim Burton film.

A machine, created by man, has killed off humanity. All that is left are nine little creatures, created by a scientist, and it’s up to them to kill the machine. By being pitched more at an adult audience, it’s actually a great film for older kids, who I don’t think are shown enough respect by recent animations. The plot itself isn’t complicated enough for adults, but that said, there’s plenty worse out there. It looks amazing and afterwards, you feel like you’ve been hugged.