Featured Image for Storm Thorgerson’s Powderfinger album design

Storm Thorgerson’s Powderfinger album design

Designer Storm Thorgerson was behind the iconic album artwork for Led Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy, Pink Floyd’s Animals, and Black Sabbath’s Technical Ecstasy, amongst many others. More recently, he designed the artwork for Australian band Powderfinger’s new album, Golden Rule. We checked in with Thorgerson and asked him where the inspiration for the illustration came from: ‘The design for Golden Rule comes not from a single song, not just from the overall mood, but more from the general way in which band works. In effect, how they create songs, how they approach the task of making music. Our design attempts visually to represent how Powderfinger’s creative process works. We call it “controlled random”‘. [Read a Secret Playlist by Powderfinger]