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I Was A King Secret Playlist

Boasting members of Serena Maneesh, Harry’s Gym and Danielson, revolving around frontman and songwriter Frode Stromstad — with the album’s supporting cast including Sufjan Stephens and Gary Olsen of Lady Bug Transistor — I Was A King are a misty eyed pop-gaze of West Coast harmonies and ringing Rickenbacker. They have just released a new single — Norman Bleik — through Sonic Cathedral and we checked in with Stromstad to get the inside word on the music that inspired it all. He started with the Flaming Lips song, Slow Nerve Action [listen below]: ‘The last song out on one of my favorite Flaming Lips albums, Transmissions From The Satellite Heart. I think Flaming Lips are responsible for creating the coolest drum sound ever’. Read the rest of I Was A King’s Secret Playlist.