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Black Whales

After blowing people’s minds at the Capital Hill Block Party, then surprising everyone at Bumbershoot, then hopping down to Portland for Musicfest NW, Black Whales have made quite a name for themselves in the past year. One listen to “Young Blood” from their brand new EP, Origins, should clue you in on how far this young band is set to go. The EP was released last month on Mt. Fuji Records. We checked in with Davey Brozowski from the band and asked him to tell us about the music that inspired it. He started with Modest Mouse’s Whale Song [listen below]: ‘”I knew I was a scout, I should have found my way out” are the only vocal lines in the song and they only take up a minute or so of time. The rest is a musical jam that builds and builds into an epic ending that’s littered with different layers of guitar hooks, noise and percussion. Live, it’s even better. And did I mention the bassline? It’s good, really good’. Read the rest of Black Whales’ Secret Playlist.