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Pancracio chocolates

Artisanal designer chocolate is the new black in the foodie world. As with cupcakes and street food, it’s having its moment. The result is an abundance of cool concept chocolate boutiques and cleverly wrapped coco bars. And like many trendy designs, some of the most innovative takes on this sweet favorite are coming out of Spain. One such visionary is Pancracio.

The creation of one-time designer Pedro Alvarez, Pancracio produces high-quality chocolates using a modern concept fitted into super simple black and white packaging. Intense, rich, and creamy bars, truffles, and bits range from chocolate truffles with brandy dipped in cocoa to candied lemons enrobed in white chocolate. There is even chocolate vodka and fusilli pasta made with cocoa. Between the stellar presentation and the range of flavors, Pancracio is surely a knock-out leader in the cool design chocolate world.