The Love Police

In the midst of all the apprehension and panic about the current world events we see on TV and in printed media, The LOVE POLICE intervene on our daily toil with a fresh perspective. And they are about to get hits, a lot of hits. Danny and Charles have injected us with an inoculation against the tyranny of the tube, and I for one, am interested. This diabolical duo have inserted themselves into our drone-like days of commuting to and from a box with flourescent lights which separates us from our spouses and children.

I feel like I’m getting the message loud and clear. I mean, I actually feel like an idiot for not having made the time to completely think the Government, Media, and Corporate love triangle through more competely. I could still be walking through life thinking, “Man, in this ‘Down Economy,’ I’m lucky if I have a job, and therefore should focus all my attention on trading my valuable time, family, health, and social life for less and less money. And I gotta make sure I have the right cable package, my McDonalds, and my MTV. A guy’s got his priorities!”

The LOVE POLICE’s light-hearted approach to opening minds and educating the sheepish masses is neither offensive nor heavy, but rather a crowd-engaging and humorous group experience. Their short films waver between documentary and commentary , and subject matter touches everything from pandemics to paparazzi.

Watch the video. If you laugh, good! Watch it again. And again. And remember to actually listen. Then when the media’s anesthesia finally wears off, listen to how you really feel. Aha, made you think!

The LOVE POLICE are making me think and their tightrope act of art, philosophy, and activism makes a compelling argument to use the next time you are hanging out at the water cooler: Choose Love, Not Fear.