Featured Image for Typographic month in NYC

Typographic month in NYC

November is shaping up to be Typographic month in New York. On November 5 there’s the official opening of Lubalin Now — the inaugural exhibition at the newly re-located Herb Lubalin Study Center at the Cooper Art Union, featuring beautiful typography from the likes of Alex Trochut, Huntergatherer and Non-Format [featured above].

November 9 is the AIGA/NY’s game show night, The Type Is Right. See legendary designers and typographic aficionados Paula Scher, Louise Fili, Chester Jenkins, Roger Black, Allan Haley, Jonathan Hoefler, Andy Clymer, Sara Soskolne, Charlie Nix, Patrick Seymour and Paul Carlos competing live on stage for the first time head-to-head, with a special cameo appearance by Paul Shaw, The Type is Right’s own special judge and final word on font-related discrepancies.