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Free Spirit Sphere tree houses

Eve and Eryn, two amazing Free Spirit Sphere tree houses, are located in Vancouver, Canada, high up in the canopy of the West Coast rainforest. They are, as their creators describe, ‘suspended like pendants from a web of rope’ from the trees. This is a unique way of creating unobtrusive means of living amongst nature. Insulated and set up for one or two people to stay in, these spheres allow people to experience the ‘energy shift’ that occurs ‘once one breaks contact with the ground’.

Staying in either Eve or Eryn is an ephemeral experience, with each sphere staying in the trees for only a matter of days. At the end of a stay, the whole thing, including stairs and suspension bridges for access, it is removed, ‘without a trace’. Free Spirit Spheres also sells tree houses made from either wood or fibreglass allowing people, if they wish, to take the experience home to their own backyard.
free spirit sphere
free spirit sphere