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The Dodos live in New York

The other night The Dodos performed the first of two shows in New York. Though it wasn’t sold out, the music hall of Williamsburg was packed to the rafters with hipsters, thirty-somethings, and teenagers who crawled over the bridge from NYU and the Metro North. The crowd was pretty rowdy for New York City and the boys certainly made it worth the 17 bucks to get in. It was my first time seeing The Dodos live, and I was expecting a fairly calm show considering their last album Visitor is on the more mellow side. I couldn’t have been more surprised as the first few songs flew through the walls at the music hall thumping and shaking the place to the core.

These guys are no joke, and though I wish I had been more familiar with their catalog (especially the earlier, harder stuff) I have to say I walked out of the venue a bigger fan than when I went in. No doubt my favorite of the set was Wandering, which is stuck somewhere between mad riffing and head bobbing. The crowd couldn’t stop moving on this one, and sadly it was their second to last song. The one criticism I dare to make was that the drum volume was very, very loud, and I wish the vocals had been turned up, but other than that I offer congrats to a band that has been paving their own way for quite some time, and grabbing fans along the way. [photo via SparkRobot]