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Cream leather jackets

Until Sydney’s tumultuous climate stops replicating Melbourne-esque four seasons in one day weather, one thing will remain certain: leather jackets in our wardrobes are essential. It doesn’t matter if summer is looming around the corner. You always need one, or many, and Cream on Crown Street (Surry Hills) and King Street (Newtown) is my hook-up of choice.

The retro leatherwear Gods stock custom-made jackets made from high-quality vintage leather in hoodie style, biker or traditional zip cut. They’re comfortably perfect for hitting up a gig, strolling romantically along the beach, rocking out on Guitar Hero or riding around town on your wheels, for real. Since the staff are always lovely and play impressive store soundtracks (The Smiths, The Shins, My Bloody Valentine et al), I urge you to pop into Cream for their broad range of vintage dresses, belts, boots, sunnies, bags, flannel shirts and jewellery, too.