Featured Image for Numero Group’s Eccentric Soul Revue

Numero Group’s Eccentric Soul Revue

chicago based label numero group do it right: their packaging, the selection, and the attention to detail are beyond the comprehension of any casual music listener. I had the pleasure of attending last April’s Eccentric Soul revue at Chicago’s Park West, and honestly, I had never witnessed anything like it before in my life.

I’m too young to have ever attended the Motown or Stax revues, but as an enthusiast of 60s soul music, I was elated with the fast-paced, act-to-act, this band is taking a break when they die formula to the evening. On November 7, the Numero Group take the Eccentric Soul Revue on the road with Syl Johnson, The Notations, Renaldo Domino, Sharon Clark, Linda Balantine. and several other guest acts from night to night. Check their website to see if any of the six US dates are remotely near your town. If not, buy a plane ticket.