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I get lost in the beat-head scene, among all the Dilla wanna-be’s, sideways hats, and dudes who are too stoned to realize that sometimes hype is just hype. There is a dark substance to Radius’s work that speaks volumes about the city he trudges through, the way he lives, and what’s important to him that people hear. This isn’t just breakbeat with some loose soul samples. Radius makes melancholy comfortable in a way that few can. Repetitious melodies, lush layers of synths, and broken beats that easily invoke images of beings from outer space that could be direct descendants of roots dub culture. With four releases under his belt — including the awe inspiring Radiushead EP — his fifth, etc, will be made available by the good folks at Grittygoat. You might want to hurry, though. Only fifty handmade copies go on sale this week.