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Lola’s Kitchen cupcakes

Cupcakes are to urban eating today what sundried tomatoes and pesto were in the 80s. The fad took over in leaps and bounds a few years back and it remains a steadfast part of any stylish city dwellers diet. Perfect then that Lola’s Kitchen in London not only delivers soft, fluffy, just out of the oven cupcakes, but they do so in chic packaging that oozes as much style as their icing does sweet indulgence.

Lola’s is dedicated to one thing: the best cupcake you’ll ever taste. So, they source quality ingredients, say no to preservatives and canned goods, and hand make all their natural tasty creations each morning to be enjoyed that day. The scrumptious treats, smothered in luxurious icing, are available in over sixteen flavors like strawberry, peanut butter, and carrot, and they’re delivered right to your door, so you can add the ideal touch to any party or birthday with ease.