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Pure Evil

In the midst of a neo-contemporary art movement muddled with carbon copy exhibitions and copycat galleries from all over the globe, artists and musicians assemble in a space in East London’s Hoxton district to showcase art, make music, and create whatever the hell they want. This is the essence of multi-faceted artist Pure Evil, descendant of Utopia scribe Sir Thomas More and mastermind behind the gallery, the music, the clothing lines, and the message.

His Ethos and Principles include “We are opposed to the artist as a commodity”, “No curators allowed in the building they will be shot on sight”, “Wear your politics proudly”, and “We are an Alternate Idealogical Force.” Work available from artists including David Choe, Bast, Ron English, Gustavo Ortiz, Ephameron, and Pure Evil himself, and those who show in the gallery keep most of the art sales “because we can”. A refreshing psychedelic blast from the origins of DIY culture, Pure Evil takes street art into the 21st century with a panoramic gallery tour that you can actually visit right now from anywhere in the world.