Featured Image for Barter for art at SVA’s Outpost exhibition

Barter for art at SVA’s Outpost exhibition

What a fascinating idea. An art show organized around the principle of bartering. No talk of money allowed. What a brilliant concept regarding the current state of the economy and art market. BFA students from New York’s School of Visual Arts [SVA] will be holding Outpost, ‘an artistic experiment in which the public is invited to barter goods and services for works of art. The works on view include paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by students in the BFA Visual and Critical Studies Department. We’re asking the question: what is this painting worth? A cupcake? Ten cupcakes? A TV? What if someone wanted to clean your apartment in exchange for a work of art? What sort of value do we place on the things that we make?’ The show runs between October 15 and November 9.
Alexandra Torr
Patrick Anders