Featured Image for Seat belt hammocks at Austin’s Kimber Modern

Seat belt hammocks at Austin’s Kimber Modern

Whilst staying at the Kimber Modern in Austin, Texas, recently, I came across these awesome hammocks made from car selt belts designed by Ting London, which they had hanging in the communual space at the hotel. I checked in with Kimber, the owner of the Kimber Modern, and asked her how important the small design touches are at the hotel and how she keeps abreast of what’s out there that might work well? ‘The small design touches are crucial. It’s what sets us apart from so many other small hotels. Every item, no matter how minor is thoroughly researched to make sure it works for the hotel. I feel that it’s the every day items, like cork screws, salt shakers, pot holders etc. should be little works of art. So much thought goes into those small details or design touches. I search on line for unique exceptional items. I also get a bunch of catalogues and design/architecture magazines’. [Photo by Alison Zavos]

What was it about the belt hammocks that first caught your eye at ICFF?
‘The fact that they were made out of recycled seat belts and the amazing design and quality of the hardware. They were designed by an architect which I thought was super cool’.

Anything special you’re looking to add to the Kimber Modern decor in coming months?
‘We’ve added the water feature and triangular shaped sail cloths over the main deck area. they create so much shade and decrease the temperature by 20 degrees.They are about 25 feet up so you don’t really notice them. Other than the water feature and sail cloths, we keep trying to improve upon the small detail items and breakfast foods and of course we want to add more art to the rooms’.
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