Defamation documentary trailer

Does Israel use the Holocaust as an excuse for their continued issues with the Palestine people? According to this film, yes. Are people who criticise Israel’s foreign policy often unfairly labelled anti-Semitic? Again, yes according to this brilliant documentary made by an Israeli-Jew. Instead of passing judgment himself, filmmaker Yoav Shamir is smart enough to put himself and his camera in the right places, surrounded by the right people, and let the people damn themselves.

The American-based league against anti-Semitism is shown up for the over-officious waste of time and money that it is, while a typical tour group of Israeli students heading to Auschwitz are basically brainwashed by group leaders and minders. It’s a fascinating documentary, exposing how an unmentionable atrocity has been manipulated for control and political gain, while at the same time it has a brilliant sense for the absurd.