Featured Image for Florida’s Longboat Key Club and Resort

Florida’s Longboat Key Club and Resort

Located on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico Drive, in the stunning surrounds of Sarasota, Florida, the Longboat Key Club and Resort is just about the most relaxing place on earth. Seriously. With a bountiful Florida sun beating down, it’s too easy to zone out beside the pool, drinking cocktails, reading sporadically, and imagining that this is how life should always be lived. Only it isn’t. Well, for most of us anyway. Paris Hilton, really! What are you doing wasting time in LA?

Situated on the edge of the Gulf, with a vast expanse of pristine white sand beckoning ever onwards, the Longboat Key Club and Resort is a total escape from the bustle of inner-city living. The rooms are modern and comfortable, and they come with private balconies, many of which overlook the crisp blue ocean. Last year, whilst there, we saw dolphins swimming along the shore line. Cliched, yes, but pretty spectacular all the same. But it’s symbolic of this area, which is unhurried in a way that the urban chaos of my daily surrounds of Brooklyn, New York, most certainly is not.

Longboat Key Club & Resort
301 Gulf of Mexico Dr
Longboat Key, FL 34228-4034
(941) 387-1621

longboat Key Club
longboat Key Club
longboat Key Club

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