Iron Mike Tyson documentary review

Isn’t Mike Tyson that psychotic ex-heavyweight champion who speaks with a slight lisp and looks like he’d struggle to finish a ten-piece jigsaw? Yes, he is. So doesn’t a film where he tells his own story, in his words, sound like it’d be about as coherent as a dog trying to bark out the instructions on how to build a space shuttle? It did to me, but if you’re going to pass judgement on a film you do need to see it first. Which I did, and Tyson is superb. Iron Mike is a natural storyteller, probably helped by some clever editing. But best of all, he is brutally honest throughout.

This is documentary filmmaking at its finest, as the director doesn’t pass judgment on the subject, and presents such an honest portrayal of Tyson that the viewer is left to decide for themselves. If you’re still worried about the quality, this picture is worth seeing for the moments when Tyson pays out on people he doesn’t like, including a brilliant and cutting tirade against former manager Don King.