Featured Image for MIXA Competition

MIXA Competition

MIXA is an innovative way for people to make, mix and share their music, photos, videos and other digital goodies on an old school cassette tape with a Twitter-generation twist. MIXA in association with Lost At E Minor and My Secret Playlist are giving YOU the chance to win a MIXA.

The 1GB USB tape has the cool aesthetic of the 80s classic cassette tape but meets the needs of the digital-hungry 2009 crowd.

Just like you and I, each MIXA is an individual and likes to standout from the masses.

You can choose from one of the pre-made designs created (with love) by the MIXA team and style it up with the stickers that come with it. Or you can create your own bespoke version by emailing in your designs or images for the MIXA team to play around with on their special digital MIXA maker.

Whatever route you choose, you will end up with a cool, one off MIXA design that has your personality stamped all over it.

Once you have made your MIXA, you become an official member of the gang and get your spot on the MIXA ‘Map of Love’. So get with the programme and undigital your digital.

In order to get your hands on a free MIXA we want to know what song you secretly sing in the shower. Submit your answer below and we’ll pick our favorite. And yes, we happily take bribes. No, really.

Follow the MIXA team on Twitter @MAKEAMIXA for updates.