Featured Image for Dysrhythmia


Colin Marston seems hellbent on making other musicians feel worthless with his numerous and prolific projects that include black metal quartet Krallice (with Mick Barr), prog-tech-thrash band Behold… The Arctopus, and drone outfit Byla. One of his most intense endeavors, however, is instrumental trio Dysrhythmia, a band in which he took over bass duties for founding member Clayton Ingerson.

To call these guys ‘technical’ would be like calling a habenero pepper ‘spicy’, yet they’re about more than Guitar Center geekery — Marston’s unrelenting bass attack, Jeff Eber’s polyrhythmic drumming, and Kevin Hufnagel’s scorching guitar parts swirl together into an expressive, melodic, and accessible whole — as an olive branch perhaps to the casual listener, they even lay down some grooves on their new album, Psychic Maps, rather than merely showing off how many time signatures they can shift through in one song. Check out their track Sleep Decayer below.