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The demise of our beloved print medium is a harsh reality that a lot of independent magazines have been dealing with for the past five years at least. So we all frequent a ton of different sites that we like and one in particular that’s really given itself a pick-me-up online, for the better good of longevity and legacy, is Planet magazine.

Though it recently turned off the old press, the uniquely curated global concept of ‘bohemian chic’ now lives on, virtually that is, through a newly redesigned site. It’s a nicely dressed-up blog, if we wish to stick to that terminology. Embracing a very minimalist form of presentation, but still engaging in all the right ways — mainly thanks to some very solid content — it reflects the relevant editorial focus that some pretty interesting readers (and writer) came to know, worldwide at one point. We wouldn’t dare call it another blog, just some other friends roaming out there.