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Perfect Flavor ice cream

Craving marshmallows and mint in your chocolate ice cream, or cayenne pepper and cinnamon in your vanilla gelato? Well, for whatever unique flavor combination you crave, check out Perfect Flavor: a new online gourmet ice cream shop that lets you invent your own pints of ice cream, gelato, and sorbets. Choose a base first, like sweet cream or mousse, then add in a simple flavor like chocolate or coffee, and finish it off with all the artisanal add-ins and sweeties you desire.

Spicy aztec chocolate, brioche, and toasted pistachios, are just a taste of the chocolatey, fruity, nutty, herby, or savory options available. Once your order is complete, name your concoction and Perfect Flavor mixes the handmade ice cream, one order at a time. And their serious about this one-at-a-time freshness: order an apple pie in your gelato, for instance, and it gets baked fresh in the oven before making it into your fantasy flavor. Confidence in that final flavor is key, however, as the pints come at a hefty price.