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The art of drawing often

I never fully believed in such things as talent. Many see it as some sort of ‘gift’, or special natural ability to do things without much effort. But many are not aware of the history of hard work most artists carry behind their art. Creativity and great conceptual thinking are not the result of having talent. They are the result of all the artist’s studies and pieces of their visual library in their head forming new images and ideas.

People are always searching for the best way to develop their own personal style or voice in art. The best way to do this is to constantly record images in your sketchbook, draw everything in front of you, keep a visual diary. Draw so much it becomes intuitive, natural, like your handwriting: ‘Get all the dirty laundry sorted out on the page, so when they go to paint on a canvas, all that hard work pays off and the imagery becomes fresh and clean’, says illustrator and painter Josh Jeorge. Drawing in our sketchbook everyday, everywhere you go, developing it into a daily habit will really help develop your style, as this image above by Sungkyung Park shows.