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Good vegetarian food found in Midtown

I was delighted to discover the newly opened Crisp restaurant a few blocks from where I work in midtown Manhattan (not normally known for its selection of tasty lunch fare, much less, tasty vegetarian fare). It’s similar to Chipolte, but with a Mediterannean slant and cooler decor.

I tried the Baja Fresh hummus salad bowl, which consists of two delicious baked falafel balls, cliantro pesto, avacado, corn, salsa, jalepenos and nachos. It also comes with a warm whole wheat or white tortilla. It was delicious, with the perfect blend of ingredients. And the portion was huge. For the adventurous, there is also a Crisp Africa hummus bowl, which includes North African peanut sauce and sweet potatoes. Crisp uses corn resin plastic for their biodegradable packaging and their tagline is ‘Crisp syncs your taste with your conscience’. Very true.