Featured Image for Roar and Snoar at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Roar and Snoar at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Who wouldn’t want to spend a night cuddled up to a koala? Well, Taronga Zoo’s overnight accommodation program, Roar and Snore, offers just that. Well, not quite, but at least you’ll be in the same ballpark (so to speak): ‘from arrival in the evening to the next day’s dawn, the cliff-top location boasts ultra-comfortable safari-style tents, each with a view of the Harbour and Sydney’s majestic city skyline’.

‘This is the base for the tours and wildlife encounters with Australia’s famous wildlife from kangaroos and koalas to emus and possums throughout the overnight stay at Taronga’. Right on! Apparently, there is ‘free-ranging wildlife living just outside your tents from kookaburras with their laughing, early morning calls to Brushtail and Ringtail Possums, which are often met during the night walks in the Zoo’. Sounds like one hell of an evening!