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Secret Supper Clubs

The blind date of the food world has finally arrived, and it’s proving more palatable than the awkwardness of an evening spent in superficial conversation. Secret Supper clubs are springing up in the backstreets of London: what are attics and living rooms by day get converted into makeshift restaurants catering for an evening of surprise tastes and conversations.

Those who take the plunge and sign up for a meal on the clubs’ websites are given directions and a time to arrive – but no menu or hint of the club’s clientele. And given the coverage this new phenomenon is receiving, what could be mistaken for rudimentary eateries are in fact turning out to be pretty tasty experiences.

My vote goes to Brixton’s Salad Club; far more than a bunch of leaves and a Thousand Island dressing, these two girls are knocking out some of the finest, healthiest and inexpensive cuisine this side of The Fat Duck, and much of it from their own pokey inner-city allotment.