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New York Bubby’s

For the perfect fix of old-school Americana eats, head to the New York-based restaurant, Bubby’s. With locations in Tribeca and Dumbo, Bubby’s offers rich, satisfying down-home comfort food from bacon wrapped meatloaf to authentic barbecue to collard greens. For me though, it was their macaroni and cheese that made me a self-proclaimed Bubby’s addict.

Their take on this American classic is a supreme indulgence, with creamy béchamel-like sauce mixed with sharp cheeses and topped with crunchy cornflakes. Better yet is their homemade soda. Served with an abundance of ice, the cola is crisp and hyper carbonated, with distinctive flavors of dark red fruits and a finish of peppery ginger. Homemade root beer, chocolate soda, and ‘loco lime chili pepper’ are also on offer. But, for many, it is their sour cherry pies that garner the most attention.

Originally a pie-shop, Bubby’s sweets — from their pies to red velvet cakes and simple cupcakes — are worth a trip alone. And if you happen to be hankering for any or all of the above after a long night out, Bubby’s is now serving midnight brunch into the wee hours of the morning.

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