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Bethlehem, Palestine

You may have to work your way through the flock of sheep being hustled down the street by your local shepherd on your way to breakfast, but the people are extremely friendly and helpful. Everything is cheap. You can get a nice four-ounce glass of cognac for three dollars. Shopping is not as extensive as some other locations, like Dubai, but they have the coolest hand-carved olive wood sculptures, and you can visit the many mom and pop factories that make them.

The artisan’s tools are attached to a machine that has corresponding levers that simultaneously carve ten other pieces of wood. Simple yet effective technology. You can also check out a Banksy [above] or a Swoon on the oppressive separation wall nearby. Or you could swing by Ramallah after an eight-hour strip search at the checkpoint to dine on some camel meat. Be sure and have that cognac first. [photo via Trey Barrow]