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Loukoumi Artisan Confectioners

Who knew that New Zealanders could make authentic, knock-out Turkish delights? Yet that is exactly what makes Wellington-based artisanal confectioners, Loukoumi, so renowned. This boutique company’s traditional Turkish delights are all natural, handcrafted sweets available in a range of flavors from New Zealand manuka honey, to Australian rainforest lemon myrtle, to their recently released pomegranate.

Fans rave about the melt-on-your-tongue, smooth texture of Loukoumi’s confections and their gorgeous and addictive taste. Each jelly is wrapped in thin paper and tucked neatly inside handsome packaging. The pomegranate, with its close-up shots of the deep violet fruit, is my personal favorite but the whole line of Loukoumi’s collections are beautifully boxed to match the gorgeous delights contained within.