Featured Image for Skinny Blonde beer’s new ink technology

Skinny Blonde beer’s new ink technology

It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re cracking open your second beer. Life is good. But there’s something missing, right? Not anymore. Each bottle of the new Australian-brewed low carb beer, Skinny Blonde, features the soon to be iconic Daisy Blonde on the label, who — in a clever twist — reveals more and more of herself as the beer gets drunk. Or the drinker does. Whichever comes first. This cool initiative is the result of innovative heat sensitive ink technology which sees Daisy’s Bikini top on the beer bottle label disappear with each sip until she reveals all. Seriously! Now, boys. Slow down. Drink responsibly. The beer is brewed by the Sydney-based Brothers Ink, comprised of three friends, including Hamish from Aussie rockers, The Vines. Yup, if hypercolour shirts worked like this, we’d still be wearing them.
skinny blonde beer
Skinny Blonde beer