Featured Image for Winkler and Noah children puppet series

Winkler and Noah children puppet series

This photo series by Winkler and Noah captures children as puppets, creating a sense of hyper-reality where the protagonists of their portraits appear in a real context, but stand out from it as if highlighted by reality itself. Of the project, they says: ‘The Puppet Show came into being by chance, one late summer afternoon two and a half years ago, after a day at the sea with our granddaughter, Beatrice. We had the idea of photographing her together with her mother. Among the various pictures, there was one where she was alone, leaning with her back against our wardrobe and looking into the camera with an embarrassed smile. She had all the typical features of a doll: a round head, blond curls, blue eyes, tanned skin, a flowery dress’.

‘Almost as a joke, and with the subject’s agreement, we had the idea of turning her into a doll, to all effects. Then, during the months after taking the picture, we reflected a lot about what a photo of that kind could symbolise, and in general, about how much the media are able to manipulate children’s behaviour. From these first considerations, a sizeable project came into being, to which we have now dedicated more than two years work involving another 29 little protagonists’. See more photos in this series.