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Sneakers, for sneaking around in

With so many pairs of kicks on the market, we thought we’d cut through the noise and throw up (in the nicest possible way) a few of our favorite pairs to cut a swathe through the inner-city streets in, starting with these Puma sneakers, which would be kinda fun to celebrate the Chinese New Year in. Right?

A technicolour dream
You know all those colors you should never put together? Here they are, and the result isn’t gray!

The Zebra Sneakers
If you put a zebra in the wash with your red underwear what would you get? These amazing sneakers featuring stripes with a touch of pink. If I was in a really cool band, I might even wear these.

Converse goes rustic
Designed by John Varvatos shoes, and inspired by the Bosey boot from Converse’s archives, here’s a sneaker that’s actually wearable.

The Rudolf Dassler collection
Rudolf Dassler is the guy who invented Puma. I didn’t know that. This collection is based on his original designs, and looks to be a nice meshing of past and present styles.