Featured Image for Tokyo’s One Hundred Percent Chocolate Cafe

Tokyo’s One Hundred Percent Chocolate Cafe

Honey, almond praline, cheese, and black pepper are a few of the fifty-six plus flavors that make-up Meiji’s solid chocolate bar collection. Each square chocolate block is numbered according to its composition, with variations on single beans, milks, fruits and herbs, and sweeteners. Packaged in bright pastels and bold colors, adorned with a clean, sleek, modern typeface, the slender bars ornament an entire kaleidoscopic wall at the 100% Chocolate Cafe.

The concept behind this Tokyo-based space is to transport visitors into the middle of a hip yet sophisticated, stainless steel, contemporary chocolate kitchen where rich and decadent chocolate desserts and daring sweets are available for the tasting. Silky, airy, vivid chocolate creams in flavors like mocha bitter are swirled into the center of big shallow steel bowls. Choose a taste you fancy and it’s inserted into the pastry of your liking. If all this isn’t enough, chocolate ice creams with smooth, mousse-like textures are served next to chocolate drinks, accompanied by chocolate sandwiches. It’s no wonder that for countless devotees, 100% Chocolate Cafe is pure love.

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