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Five coolest USB sticks

Getting freaky with the USB? You betcha. These are some of the hottest varieties on the market right now, starting with the USB Sushi. For the health conscious power-lunch crowd, sushi and sashimi is all the range, but maybe this is taking it one step too far. Oh, and then there is the Fingertip-sized USB. What? Well, if you thought a drive the size of your thumb was small enough, think again. Thumbnail size and stores 256MB. This is the ideal gift for 007 wannabes.

Humping Dog USB
Humping dogs are funny. You point, you laugh, then you stare. Kind of like a sexual car-accident. And now you can store pictures on one!

Do-it-yourself PEZ USB
What’s better than candy? Candy with memory! Follow these instructions to create your very own USB stick PEZ dispenser. (I’m serious!)

Headless Teddy USB
Another home-made USB it looks kind of terrifying when in use, but otherwise this USB is pretty cool. Along the same lines is the Barbie Doll USB.