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Solid Gold

Minnesota? Well, it’s cold. That’s about all we know. Gold, I mean. It’s gold. In all fairness, there’s actually much to be said for this city in terms of music—apparently full of young and savvy creatives doing their thing at a cheap cost of living. One act in particular that we can’t stop listening to is the cheeky synth-pop trio Solid Gold and their debut album, Bodies of Water. And though the boys must have some solid balls to name themselves Solid Gold (not being officially signed and all), well they’re about as indie as indie can get these days. Ironically, they were turned down by iTunes to distribute digitally, after proudly mentioning they were unsigned and completely self-produced. Go figure. Anyhow, the tracks sound sharp and seamless, and dare I say worthy of a little repeat. Either way, keep your eyes and ears open for these gents. They’re bound to warm things up at a party near you.