Featured Image for Manny Fabregas at Hyde Street Gallery

Manny Fabregas at Hyde Street Gallery

Stored somewhere in an old shoebox, there’s a pile of old photos that retain random slivers of our lives. For San Francisco artist Manny Fabregas, these forgotten images seem to hold something beyond his imagination. Arbitrary images that might seem worthless in a digital age are the very snapshots of people and things that he values most as an artist. Fabregas paints in traditional form of oil on canvas, but his works vary in social concept and format. The works draw from a serious (and not so serious) source of visual stimulus — a draw full of vintage photos found at flea markets and garage sales. ‘Every photograph serves as visual groundwork for an intriguing narrative’, he says. ‘It’s the mysterious journey of the vintage photograph that constitutes the focus of my paintings’. His work is showing from May 8 at San Francisco’s Hyde Street Gallery.