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Corkboard: Remember What You Want

Corkboard makes my life easier, and if you’re a detail-oriented, hyper-productive, compulsive networker, perfectionist workaholic, it’s very likely it will help you too. Though it also helps avid readers, foodies, travelers, shopaholics, and just about anyone really. Why? Because it’s the first time I can combine hundreds of typed lists, tons of little notes, bookmarks, restaurants and books I see on the go, and just my own thoughts in one single place.

Corkboard is a Web-based application that allows you to keep track of everything you want to remember in a rather orderly kind of way. You can add stuff online and via cell phone, categorize it, and keep it private or public. You can also share and see what the Corkboard community is posting.

I use it mostly for work contacts, restaurants, books, movies and artists I want to go back to. I also have a Buenos Aires public posting that I send to the handful of people who go there every month and want some insider’s pointers.

[Full Disclosure: my husband is one of the founders of the site]