Featured Image for Blindness


A disaster film meets Lord of the Flies. Set in a nameless, present day city, hinting that this is a tragedy that could occur at any time or place, people are suddenly infected with blindness. This feature again explores the depraved depths to which humans could quickly descend given the slightest change in circumstances. Considering the pedigree of the directors and actors, along with the quality of this picture, it’s a film that has reached a criminally small amount of screens. The first infected are quarantined, and because nobody wants to be near them, this group is allowed to self-govern and quickly disintegrates. At the same time, broader society attempts to deal with the epidemic and is shown, despite or maybe because of all the experts, politicians and procedures involved, to be a sluggish, ineffectual mass. Through taking simple blindness as a starting point, the movie questions how far we have come as a society, and shows how easily it could all collapse.