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Kokomoo’s maniacal girls

Chinese artist Yan Wei, aka Kokomoo, creeps me out. Her linear, black and white drawings of cute little girls with maniacal grins and soulless eyes look deep into my psyche with a hunger for destruction and pain. Luckily, in their two dimensional forms, they are unable to leap off the page and sink their sharp little teeth into my soft flesh. Instead, I can enjoy their evil cuteness from a safe distance, while pondering the reasons why Kokomoo’s style gets darker and darker as the years go on.

At some point her illustrations changed from angelic to demonic, and while I don’t want to meet any of these frightening little girls in a dark alleyway, I think that Kokomoo’s descent into darkness has made her a better artist. I wish I could read her blog to find out the inspiration behind her latest works, but unfortunately I don’t understand Mandarin.