Featured Image for Angus Stone’s Smoking Gun solo album

Angus Stone’s Smoking Gun solo album

On Smoking Gun, Angus Stone’s wistful, soulful voice sits triumphantly above a rootsy bed of instrumentation. From here, it rarely loosens, instead finding a comfortable middle-ground amongst this debut solo album’s surprisingly upbeat and bluesy tone. Recording under the name, Lady of the Sunshine, the other half of brother and sister duo, Angus and Julia Stone, steps away from their highly organic folk ballads and veers instead into a edgier fusion of acoustic roots, blues and funk, the typically sweet serenades tossed, stirred and spun, then spat out the other end, lyrically pricklier, but still infused with their trademark earthy arrangements. While it lacks a killer blow, Smoking Gun is a real grower, sounding just that little bit sweeter with every new listen. [photo via BBC]