Featured Image for Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen

Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen

Like many girls, I loved My Little Ponies when I was young, especially their bright, unnatural colors, their long, comb-able plastic hair and their collectability, which made them an endless source of gifts. Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen has taken these toys to a new level with her range of modified Ponies.

Using a variety of mixed media, including plastics, fake furs and latex, Kasurinen has created a number of Pony-based sculptures, many of which take their inspiration from various elements of pop-culture. There are My Little Joker, creepily accurate in his purple suit and garish make-up, and My Little Alien, bedecked in black plastic and almost as freakish as his filmic cousin. But I think my favourite might be My Little Edward Scissorhands who, complete with his wild, gothic hair and real knives in place of hooves, makes me want to start collecting Ponies again.